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October 19, 2021 5 min read

Moms, you are all amazing—let’s start with this. Although sometimes you might not feel like it. You get overwhelmed by the quantity of advices on raising your child from all over the place. Your parents have got some great tips, your friends too—they’ve all been through it and want to help with some words of wisdom of some sorts. So we came up with a list of quick tips, straight to the point, that somehow can be used as a guideline to clear your head and find some confidence in your new role as a mother. 


1. Live in the Now

Duh…everybody says it. But there’s a great truth behind living each and every moment to its fullest. Forget about the to-do list and the past problems. Just take a breath and learn to be present with your baby, on every precious moment. 

2. Trust Yourself

Mothers always know when something is going to happen. So follow your guts because most likely you're going to be right, and if you're wrong, well, it's better to prevent then to cure.

3. Be a Role Model

Your kid is going to pick up on any kind of behavior or personality you show them. This is going to reflect heavily on their future and the way they are going to perceive the world. So try to keep all your negative emotions away from your baby and always share the best of you. Be the best role model he will ever need.

4. Teach Your Baby to Fall Asleep on Her Own

We have written a whole blog about the importance for your baby to be able fall asleep on her own. It is essential for her health and yours as well. You can read the blog right here.

5. Stop Worrying about Meals 

You’re now dealing with a baby here. Babies don’t have any sort of habits at the beginning, how could they? So don’t worry and chill out. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.  

6. Anticipate Sick Days

It’s gonna happed whether you like it or not. So it’s better to be prepared. Stock up on water for sick days to rehydrate your daughter after vomiting. Have all the medicines you might need ready at hand, so you don’t have to run to the store in the middle of the night to get them.

7. Create Mini Traditions

Remember how much you loved visiting your grandma because every time you saw her she gave you treat? And you loved her so much! She knew what she was doing. She was setting up a mini tradition. Now, you’ve got to find some fun and quirky ways to install the same “game” with your child. Make a up a secret handshake for special moments. Always set balloons at the table for birthdays. Create a special mini tradition that will carry through history.

8. Just Say No

It’s tough to say no to someone you love so much. However, you know better, do you? “No” in our lives are important. Essential, actually, to develop a strong sense of rigor. Your baby wants candies? Say no. Your baby wants cookies? Say no. You’re not hurting him. You’re doing the exact opposite. 

9. Build a Strong Circle 

There are going to be moments in which you're gonna find yourself completely alone and in need of help. So you need to make sure to find a good and healthy circle of friends that can be always ready to help you in any circumstance and that you can do the same for them in return. Love and be loved.

10. Get to Understand Your Kid

It may sound obvious to say, but each and one of us are responsive to the world around us in very different ways. Therefore, anything that has ever worked for you in your past childhood may not work for your baby and vice versa. Be flexible and always open minded.


11. Read to Your Baby Every Day

Not only it is a great way for you to better bond with your baby, but she also will develop incredible imaginary skills.

12. Go Small with Big Changes

You don't want to shock your baby with huge, sudden changes like going from the crib to the bed. Have her take her time with it. Help her ease into the new change getting her used to the new sensory experience.

13. Establish Duties

Once he starts growing up, it is very helpful for your baby to learn about duties. Have him be the one to empty the trash cans, making the bed, putting the toys away, or just setting up the table for dinner. This is going to build self-esteem because he will learn about the emotional rush to complete a job. 

14. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Teach your baby that it’s ok to be wrong and apologize for it. Be an example for them so they will learn about honesty and flexibility.

15. Answer All the “Why"

Young kids are going to be the most curious human beings that you will ever meet in your life. This is a precious quality for their development as rational humans. So always try to answer their questions so they can come up with new ones and never stop evolving.

16. Put Down Your Phone

Phones are great and absolutely 100% super useful. However, you don't want your child to think that you cannot live without a phone around you. It's not healthy for their development as they may start thinking it will be essential for them to have always one nearby. So when you are with your baby, just put it away.

17. Be a Parent, Not a Pal

Yes, you want to become your son's best friend and have him tell you everything about his life. But you're also his parent. So it's OK to set clear rules and expectations and not being liked for that. One day his will realize what you were actually doing. 

18. Shake it Up

Life can be too serious. So just be silly, make your kids laugh because how stupid you are being in that moment. Put on some music and start a little party if you feel stuck or overwhelmed from your day.

19. Teach Good Greeting Habits

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So teach your child to make eye contact and smile when they meet someone for the first time.

20. Spotlight Gratitude

This is something that you should do in your own life as well, so it is especially healthy for the growth of your baby to have her realize and understand why she should feel grateful for something. This is going to foster happiness and optimism.




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