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October 04, 2021 3 min read


“How am I gonna stay fit if I have a baby coming?”

That most women think that they won’t be able to keep practicing their exercise routine once they find out they’re pregnant. However, it’s very important for you to continue your training practices since they can be extremely beneficial and healthy for you and your baby. You will probably not be able to go for a run with your big pregnant belly, and of course, we do not suggest you to do so, but we would like to introduce you to Prenatal Yoga. Yoga is that form of exercise that is 100% secure even weeks before giving birth.
Women going through pregnancy experience a huge change in their body. It aches and pains a lot since it’s rapidly expanding. Yoga can help easing through this transition, plus it can be a huge asset in terms of mental preparation, stress management and relaxation.

NOTE: Talk to your doctor before you decide starting prenatal yoga, since there might be some pregnancy-related conditions that might affect your ability to practice safely.




There’s a bunch of yoga classes you can take out there. You might have heard of hot yoga (which you should avoid in your first two months), power yoga, bikram yoga, vinyasa yoga, etcetera, etcetera… There is no one-size fits all class for expecting mothers. However, prenatal yoga, is perfect for you in case you are looking for a class specific for pregnant women. This form of yoga is a lot more gentle than the ones mentioned above and can be found very easy even if have never stretched a muscle in your whole life.


It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t be able to practice the same yoga positions throughout the whole pregnancy. The poses will chance as you change trimesters. During the first trimester it is not advised to make any deep twists or forward folds. In the first few months, your body is adapting to all your body transformations. After these months, you’ll be able to practice them safely. Just make sure to never overstretch. This is an essential rule to keep in mind through the whole process.

Good for you, during pregnancy, your body will automatically start releasing a hormone called Relaxin which helps ligaments stretch in preparation of labor. You will finally be able to touch the ground with your elbows without bending your knees! Just kidding, go easy on yourself, because as mentioned a second ago it’s important not to overstretch, since this might lead to some annoying issues after delivery. Also, it’s good to keep in mind not to lay on your stomach once it starts getting uncomfortable.

The most beneficial poses for pregnant women are the ones that put focus on opening up the hips. Gotta make sure your baby finds an easy way out! The garland pose does an amazing job with that. After 16 weeks, it is also advised to take shavasana on your left side, as not to put unnecessary pressure on the venae cavae, which provides blood flow to the baby.


It’s really up to you to determine how long you’d want to take yoga classes. Some women go at it up until the very last week before giving birth! You need to learn how to pay attention to your body and understand its necessities. A yoga practice is different for everyone, as we are all diverse and unique.

Finding what works or not for you and your body is essential for a healthy yoga practice during pregnancy. Listen to your body. You may find some positions harder than they were before you were pregnant. Use your practice as a tool to relieve stress, give love to yourself and prepare your body for the new life that lies ahead. 



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