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Queenya Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder

Our Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder is a new and extremely simple way to feed your baby at home and on the go

This innovative bottle offers new parents a cleaner and easier way to feed your baby semi-solid foods & liquids using just one hand. With a gentle squeeze of the bottle, you can dispense bite-sized amounts of food without having to leave the immediate view of your baby, which will also prevent post-bite crying! This is a great invention for your baby when they start eating baby food. What makes it even better, is that you can fill it with the food and put the lid on so that you can take it on the go or store it away for later!


  • Great for milk, formula, rice, paste, porridge, and more
  • Easily dispense bite-sized amounts of food by gently squeezing
  • Soft spoon to ensure an enjoyable eating experience
  • Capacity: 3 oz (90ml)
  • BPA Free