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March 12, 2022 3 min read

One of the most daunting factors of becoming a new mom is leaving the safety of her home. Everything you need it's just there, ready for use. But now that you have a baby, you can't become a recluse, can you? You still need to go out, get groceries, breathe some fresh air, go for a walk, on a trip...outside! However, what if you baby needs a diaper change? What if your baby spilled food on herself and needs a new shirt? What if she's hungry and you need some warm milk? What if...what if--WHAT IF!!!
And that's why you need a diaper bag.  And not just a diaper bag. You need a diaper bag that is enough spacious that you can fill it with all your baby and personal stuff. A diaper bag that can be comfortable to bring around and can even hook to your stroller. A diaper bag that can keep your milk bottles warm and give you easy access to any compartment. A diaper bag that extends into a bassinet so you can change your baby literally anywhere! 

The question is now, is there a diaper bag that can really do all this? Well, we made it. We're created a revolutionary diaper backpack that will easily blow your mind and make you feel like you're bringing the safety of home with you anytime you go out. Without further adieu...let us introduce you to the Infinity Diaper Bag™.  




The most innovative feature of the Infinity Diaper Bag™ is that it can extend quickly into a changing station. No more waiting to change your baby's diaper and having to deal with crying and...smell. Just pop the diaper bag open and fix the issue right in that moment. Plus, you can throw the dirty diaper inside the waterproof pocket and think about it later. The bag comes with a removable and washable changing pad and a sunshade. Check how easy it is to open and close on our YouTube channel.   



How many things do you think you can fit inside our Infinity Diaper Bag™? Quite a lot...and we'd love to give you a direct example with this testimonial video right here! Our customer was able to fill the bag with: 1 change of clothes, 5 towels, 1 waterproof diaper organizer, 5 diapers, a box of wet wipes, toys, an umbrella, a portable speaker, a water bottle, nasal aspirator, phone, keys and wallet. Everything is kept tidy and organized thanks to the 17 pockets that you can find all around the bag.   



Babies are always hungry! So the Infinity Diaper Bag™ was designed with all your needs in mind. In the front pocket of the bag you can have access to three insulated bottle pockets where you can keep the milk at temperature over long periods of time thanks to the aluminum lined fabric.   


What about a random rainy day that catches you outside without an umbrella? No problem at all! We made our Infinity Diaper Bag™ with premium waterproof Oxford fabric, easy to wipe and waterproof to any liquid.



A diaper bag is essential for a mother always on-the-go since keeping all the baby stuff together in one place is a must if you are running around doing errands. The Infinity Diaper Bag™ gives you the opportunity to meet fashion and efficiency all-in-one. A definite must-have for every mother looking to coast through parenthood like a queen. 



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